Opening Bank and Merchant Account in Canada for Non-Residents

A & P Intertrust Corporation assists non-Canadian residents with opening personal and business bank accounts and merchant accounts in Canada.

Clients are required to visit our office and stay in Canada for 1 business days for opening bank accounts.

If a client needs a visitor visa, we issue and email him our Business Invitation Letter. We also email a copy of the letter to the Canadian Embassy located in the country of client’s residency. The letter may facilitate client’s visa application

When a client is not able to visit Canada, our company is able to assist him with opening a bank account in another jurisdiction.

Opening bank account in Canada

When a company is registered in Canada, we invite the client to visit Canada and arrange meeting with a bank officer.

The interview with the bank officer usually takes one hour. By the end of the interview the client has his bank account opened. The client also gets a cheque book for his account and a debit card linked to the Canadian bank account.

The debit card allows to withdraw cash from the Canadian bank account through ATMs in any country and log in to the bank account online.

The client is able to make cheque and wire transfer payments from his Canadian bank account to individuals and businesses located in any country and make payments by cheque, direct deposit and via email money transfer to parties located in Canada. In addition the client is able to collect payments from his customers located in Canada vie email money transfer.

Opening merchant account in Canada

Our company works with a well established Canadian merchant service provider, who has a dedicated consultant serving our clients.

When a client needs a merchant account in Canada, we refer them to the service provider as soon as the client's bank account is opened. The consultant assists the client with a selection of types of merchant accounts and helps them complete and submit the application form.

Most merchant accounts are opened within 7 to 10 days. The client does not need to stay in Canada until his merchant account is opened. When the account is opened, the merchant consultant sends all information to the client via email.

Our merchant service provider offers very reasonable fees.

Important notice

  • A & P Intertrust Corporation is not a financial institution and does not offer or provide any financial services. Our company offers business consulting and incorporation services.
  • A & P Intertrust Corporation does not assist with opening personal (individual) bank accounts.
  • The Client must submit to the bank all required documents, completed and signed bank forms and information requested by the bank.
  • The bank could request any additional information and/or documents from the Client at its discretion and the Client must comply with the bank requirements.
  • The bank makes its own decision about each application based on client’s personal documents and business activities. A & P Intertrust Corporation has no control over bank’s decisions, and does not accept any responsibility for bank’s decisions.
  • The introduction services are available to our clients, who registered their companies using our services. If you registered your company with somebody else, you should order a new company from us, or transfer your existing company from your current service provider to our company to become eligible for our bank introduction services.