Business Registration in Canada for Non-Resident

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Our company offers business registrations and accounting services in British Columbia, New Brunswick and Ontario for non-Canadian residents who are looking to expand their businesses in Canada or are planning to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant.

Branch in Canada

Registration – $1,680
Annual fee – $990

Registration takes 2 to 4 weeks

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Canada Corporation

Set up – $1,990
Annual fee – $990

Registration takes 2 to 3 bus. days

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Limited Partnership

Formation – $1,990 $1,690
Annual fee – $990

Registration takes 1 business day

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Bank Account

Personal – $1,500
Corporate – $3,500

Personal visit is required

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We provide registration of branches of non-Canadian legal entities in Ontario. Upon such registration, a non-Canadian company will receive a status of Ontario Extra-Provincial Corporation and rights to open a bank account and conduct business in Canada. This type of registration does not create a separate legal entity but will provide you with an Ontario Corporation Number or Business Identification Number so you may operate in Ontario.

Our company also incorporates Canadian corporations for non-Canadian residents in the provinces of British Columbia and New Brunswick. Incorporating will provide you with a separate legal entity, limited liability, and continued existence.

For clients who would like to form partnerships in Canada, we offer the registration of Limited Partnerships in Ontario. This registration will provide you with a pass through company where partners claim their profits in their personal tax return.

Our company is also able to assist our clients with opening personal and corporate bank accounts in Canada. Please be advised that each account signatory must visit the bank in person in order to open the bank account. If you are interested in opening a bank account in Canada, please contact our office for more information.