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Incorporate in Manitoba

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We can incorporate a named corporation in Manitoba within 10 to 12 business days. Expedited services within 1 to 2 business days are available for an additional fee. Numbered corporations (no name) can be incorporated within 2 business hours.

Incorporation in Manitoba protects you against personal liability for business debts and obligations. You would be also able to open an office or other permanent establishment in Manitoba.

To incorporate please select a package below, complete and submit our order form online.

If you are a non-Canadian resident and would like to incorporate in Canada, please visit our non-resident incorporation page.

Manitoba Basic


Consultation, Draft & filing of Articles of Incorporation.
Recommended for one business owner.
*Plus Government & filing fees

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Manitoba Enhanced


Basic Package + Set of Organizational Resolutions confirming
The appointment of directors, officers and shareholders.
Recommended for two or more business owners.
*Plus Government & filing fees

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Manitoba Complete


Enhanced Package + Attaché Case, Embosser &
20 Share Certificates.
Recommended for international businesses.
*Plus Government & filing fees

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Manitoba Incorporation Packages





Mandatory Services

Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation
Manitoba Government Fee
Electronic filing the incorporation documents with the appropriate government department
Monitoring and information support of the incorporation process

Optional Services

Unlimited Corporate Support
Directors and Shareholders Organizational Resolutions issuing shares, electing directors, appointing officers, confirming By-Law, etc. 
Minute Book with Registers & Ledgers  
Shares Certificates One per Shareholder
(Qty 20)
Attaché Case with Corporate Name engraved on brass plate  
Corporate Embosser  


Via email in PDF format
Expedited Delivery  
Package Cost*$95.00$223.00$383.00
Electronic Filing Fee*$60.00$60.00$60.00
Government Fee$350.00$350.00$350.00

Total, *GST Extra





You will receive the Certificate and Articles of Incorporation in PDF format via email. Upon receiving these documents your corporation is ready for business and able to open a corporate bank account.

The following additional services are available with each package:

  • Manitoba Name Reservation, is required in order to be a named corporation
  • GST/HST Registration

  • Payroll Registration

  • Import/Export Account Registration

Incorporation in Manitoba is recommended when your businesses permanent establishments are located in Manitoba. For example, you are planning to open a retail store in Manitoba and your corporate office is in Manitoba. Please be advised that each Manitoba Corporation may conduct business with customers located within Canada and outside of Canada.

If you are planning to open permanent establishments in Manitoba and other provinces, you should consider a Federal Incorporation. Please be advised that each Federal Corporation is required to extra-provincially register their Federal Corporation in the province where it opens a permanent establishment.

Important Notice:

If you need to discuss your personal situation with a lawyer, chartered accountant or tax advisor, our company is able to refer you to a professional who is authorized to practice in Manitoba.