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All fees are in Canadian Dollars unless stated differently

NUANS Name Search

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Incorporation Services for Canadian Residents

Notarization of Set of Corporate Registration Documents


Incorporation Services in Canada for Non-Residents

Annual Renewal Fee for Extra-Provincial Corporation


Annual Renewal Fee for Corporations (British Columbia, New Brunswick and Ontario)


Annual Renewal Fee for Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership


Legalization of Documents by Embassy (embassy fees are extra)


Notarization of a Set of Corporate Documents


Organization of Corporation

By-Law and Set of Organizational Resolutions (internal resolutions confirming the appointment of the directors, officers and shareholders)


Filing of single change of corporate information (Directors, Officers, Office Address, etc.)


Articles of Amendment (Corporate Name Change, Changes to the text of the Articles, etc.)

$299 + disbursements

Dissolution of Corporation (Government Fee not included)