NUANS Report

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All fees are in Canadian Dollars unless stated differently

NUANS Name Search

Canada-wide Exact Match Name Pre-search


BC Name Reservation Report

Regular Service within 15 business days


Expedited Service within 1 to 2 business days


Incorporation Services for Canadian Residents

Notarization of Set of Corporate Registration Documents


Incorporation Services in Canada for Non-Residents

Annual Renewal Fee for Exra-Provincial Corporation


Annual Renewal Fee for Corporations (British Columbia and New Brunswick)


Annual Renewal Fee for Limited Partnership


Legalization of Documents by Embassy (embassy fees are extra)


Notarization of a Set of Corporate Documents


Organization of Corporation

Standard By-Law


Set of Organizational Resolutions(internal resolutions confirming the appointment of the directors, officers and shareholders)


Filing of single change of corporate information (Directors, Officers, Office Address, etc.)

$99 + disbursements

Articles of Amendment (Corporate Name Change, Changes to the text of the Articles, etc.)

$249 + disbursements

Dissolution of Corporation (Government Fee not included)

Business Name Registration