Limited Partnership

Ontario Limited Partnership

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An Ontario Limited Partnership consists of one or more General Partners responsible for daily operations and one or more Limited Partners providing capital with limited liability. This adaptable business structure enables a clear division of duties and liabilities among partners.

The following documents and services are included in the package:

  • Name Search confirming uniqueness of the name
  • Government Fee

  • Declaration of an Ontario Limited Partnership

  • Declaration Information of an Ontario Limited Partnership

  • Organizational Resolutions of the General Partners

  • Resolution Admitting of Limited Partner

  • Partnership Agreement

  • Register of General Partners

  • Register of Limited Partners

  • All documents emailed in PDF format

Ontario Limited Partnership

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Establishing a Limited Partnership in Ontario is a strategic move for entrepreneurs aiming for liability protection, tax advantages, and flexible management structures. Here are some key benefits to registering an Ontario Limited Partnership:

  1. Limited Liability: Limited partners are shielded from personal accountability for partnership debts or liabilities beyond their initial investment.

  2. Flexible Management: General Partners retain decision-making authority and operational control, while Limited Partners contribute financially without direct involvement in day-to-day operations.

  3. Tax Advantages: The partnership enjoys pass-through taxation, meaning it isn't taxed directly; instead, gains and losses flow through to each partner's individual tax return.

In conclusion, an Ontario Limited Partnership offers a professional business structured for entrepreneurs seeking to mitigate risk, optimize tax efficiency, and tailor management responsibilities to fit their business objectives. Our company can complete the registration of your Ontario Limited Partnership within 2 business hours.

Important Notice:

If you need to discuss your personal situation with a lawyer, chartered accountant or tax advisor, our company is able to refer you to a professional who is authorized to practice in your province.