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There are two major forms of business organization in Canada:

Small business registration is the simplest, cheapest, and quickest form of registration. Owners are personally responsible for all debts and obligations of the business.


A corporation is a separate legal entity. This form of business registration protects business owners against personal liability for debts and obligations of the business. If you decide to incorporate, we are able to assist you with registering a Federal incorporation or provincial incorporation in British Columbia, New Brunswick, or Ontario.



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Small Business Registration

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Canadian Companies
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A & P Intertrust Corporation is able to assist with registering a Federal, British Columbia, New Brunswick, or Ontario Corporation. We are also able to register small businesses on Ontario.

We are able to assist non-Canadian residents with establishment of their subsidiaries and branches in Canada through a Canadian Corporation and Extra-Provincial Registration of non-Canadian companies in Ontario.

Our company provides assistance with GST/HST, Payroll, Import/Export registrations and accounting services.

Most of our services are available online in 1 to 3 business hours.

All of our clients receive FREE business consultations, which include phone and email consultations related to required filings of corporate and business information with the government and management of internal corporate documentation.