Bank Introduction Services

A & P Intertrust Corporation provides the following bank introduction services, which assists our clients with opening corporate and personal bank accounts. Our Services include the following:

  • Informs Client about available bank services and requirements

  • Supply the Client with bank application forms and detailed instructions, for preparation of personal documents and the completion of bank forms. Completed forms are emailed to our company for pre-screening

  • Prepare corporate documents according to the banks requirements

  • Receives from Client completed bank forms via email, pre-screens them and provides client with recommendations for improving presentation of  business information included in the form

  • Introduces Client to the bank

  • Emails Client’s completed bank forms to the bank for an initial review

  • Obtains a bank’s initial decision on Client’s application

  • Informs client about bank’s initial decision

  • Instructs Client to send all required personal and corporate documents along with signed application forms (in paper form) to the bank for its final review

  • Monitors account opening process

  • Offers information and support by phone and email during account opening process

  • If the Client’s application is declined by the bank, we would introduce the Client to another bank FREE of charge. However the Client is responsible to pay for preparation of any additional documents required by the other bank

Important Notice

  • A & P Intertrust Corporation is not a financial institution and does not offer or provide any financial services. Our company is an independent consultancy company, which is not affiliated with any banks
  • The Client must submit to the bank all required documents, completed and signed bank forms as well as information requested by the bank
  • The bank could request any additional information and/or documents from the Client at its discretion and the Client must comply with the bank requirements
  • The bank makes its own decision about each application based on Client’s personal documents and business activities. A & P Intertrust Corporation has no control over bank’s actions and decisions, and does not accept any responsibility for bank’s actions and decisions
  • The introduction services are available to our Clients, who registered their companies using our services. If the Client registered their company with another service provider, Client should order a new company from us, or transfer their existing company to our company to become eligible for our bank introduction services