Open A Merchant Account for your Business

Each newly registered company needs to have a merchant account to accept credit and debit card payments from its customers. However, banks are not willing to open merchant accounts for newly registered businesses. The most common reason for that is absence of a credit history.

Therefore, our company has teamed up with a well established Canadian merchant service provider, who is able to assist our clients with opening merchant accounts. This provider has a dedicated merchant consultant working with our clients.

If you order this service, the merchant consultant will contact you the same business day, assist you with selection of a type of merchant account suitable for your needs, help you to complete and submit the Application Form and work on your application.

Merchant accounts allow to accept payments online, over the phone, via email and in person. Most merchant accounts are opened within 7 to 10 days from the date of business registration.

Money is deposited into your bank account the next business day after the transaction.

Type of cards

Merchants are able to accept debit and credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac.


Accounts with sales less than $4000 per month:

  • Setup fee – $49;
  • Monthly fee – $20;
  • Transaction Fee- $0.25;
  • Discount Rate – 3.5%.

Accounts with sales $4000 or more but less than $50,000 per month:

  • Setup fee – $199;
  • Monthly fee – $29;
  • Transaction Fee- $0.15;
  • Discount Rate – 2.95%.

Accounts with sales $50,000 or more per month: For accounts processing more than $50,000 per month other pricing options are available.

Important notice

  • A & P Intertrust Corporation is not a financial institution and does not offer or provide any financial services. Our company offers business consulting and incorporation services.

  • The Client must submit to the merchant service provider all required documents, completed and signed application forms and information about his business.

  • The merchant service provider could request any additional information and/or documents from the Client at its discretion.

  • The merchant service provider makes its own decision about each application based on client’s personal documents and business activities. A & P Intertrust Corporation has no control over merchant service provider’s decisions, and does not accept any responsibility for its decisions.