Due Diligence Requirements

According to our “Know Your Client” policy all individuals related to the ordered services including beneficial owners*, directors/managers, shareholders/members and their representatives, who placed orders for them are required to send the following documents** to our office.

Please note that additional documents are required when legal entities are appointed a position in the company. Contact our office for additional information.

All documents must be in English or accompanied by certified English translations. Electronic (scanned) copies of the documents are acceptable.

1. Evidence of Identity

Copy of the valid passport (photo and signature pages).

Certification/notarization is not required when you order registration of a company in Canada or US.

Passport copy needs to be certified/notarized, when you order company registration in Belize, BVI, Nevis, Panama or Seychelles. Certification may be done by a bank, lawyer, notary public or embassy and include name, address, status or capacity, license/ registration number and phone number of the person, who certified the document and the date of certification . The certification must state that it is a true copy of the original and the photograph is a true likeness of the individual.

If you order a Nevis company registration, second certified ID is required, such as driver’s license or national ID card.

If you order a Belize company registration only a qualified practicing notary public or attorney-at-law can certify the passport copy.

2. Evidence of Residential Address

Copy of one of the following documents: utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement, which are not older than 3 months or valid driver’s license (both sides) or lease agreement.

If you order a Belize company registration acceptable proof of address documents are: utility bill, tax assessment, bank or credit union statement.

Certification is not required when ordered companies in Canada, US and Seychelles.

Proof of address is to be certified if you order Belize, BVI, Nevis or Panama company.

3. Business Description and Declaration Form

Complete and sign the form. The form is mandatory for all orders.

Please select the form based on the jurisdiction of the ordered company:

4. Reference Letters

Not required when you order registration of a company in Canada or US.

For Belize, BVI and Seychelles a bank or professional reference letter is only required when you order bank introduction services from us.

Bank OR professional reference is required when you order registration of a company in Panama.

Bank AND professional reference is required when your order formation of a company in Nevis.

Our company can provide reference letter templates upon request.

5. CV or Resume

CV or Resume is required when you order formation of a company in Belize or BVI.

Prepare and send your documents ***

Prepare scanned copies of your documents according to the following requirements:

  • Scan in color with resolution not less than 150 pixel per inch and save in PDF format.
  • Check that your scanned copy does not have upside down pages.
  • Save one document (including multi page document) in one file.
  • Name each file as “Last Name – Name of the document”. For example, “Smith – Passport”, “Smith – Utility Bill”.

Upload scanned copies of all documents to our server via a secure SSL link you received from our employee.

* Beneficial owner is the individual who benefits from ownership of a company regardless of who holds title.

** Our company could request any additional information and documents required for verification of identities of all persons included in your order at its total discretion. When all requested documents and information are received and verified, the order is accepted and our company starts processing of the order.

*** Documents prepared incorrectly are not acceptable.