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Our company assists digital nomads and other highly mobile individuals with opening personal bank accounts in Canada, US, Belize, Singapore, BVI, Nevis, Cyprus and St. Lucia. We make complicated bank account application process simple and quick for our clients.

About Our Services

When you order our bank introduction services, we will provide you with required bank forms, check your bank application, correct errors, if any, submit electronic copies of your personal documents and your application to the bank of your choice and get your application pre-approved by the bank.

Then you just need to send your documents and signed application forms to the bank and wait a confirmation from the bank with details of your newly opened bank account.

Most banks do not require a personal visit. However, if you would like to open a bank account in Canada, US or Singapore, your personal visit is required after your application has been pre-approved. You would just need to show your personal documents and sign forms in front of a banker and get your account opened.

If you need more details or would like to order our services, please contact our office and open your international personal bank account now!